dueling compilers Was: 2.5.1

Tomislav Greguric greguric at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Wed Sep 20 13:13:40 PDT 2000

> Incidentally, what is the difference between gcc and egcs? (Beside the
> fact that one does a better job of compiling X401 for an i810 than the
> other:)

In short:  gcc-2.8 < egcs < gcc-2.95  (version relationship)

Once, some people found the development of gcc-2.8.something to be
very slow and not as open to the public as they felt it should be, so
they (mainly people at Cygnus, AFAIK) started a new branch
("experimental" or "enhanced", that's what the "e" in "egcs" stands
for). This compiler got a lot of improvements (more processor specific
stuff, much better C++ etc.) and bug-fixes (which btw. broke some
programs, especially the Linux kernel, which has relied a lot on
some assembler bugs). After egcs envolved the FSF declared it
officially to be the new gcc-2.95.

So to name the differences between gcc and egcs one has to say with
what version of gcc to compare egcs with.


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