Serguei Ostrovskii sostrovs at kns.com
Wed Sep 20 13:14:31 PDT 2000

Jesse Tie Ten Quee wrote:

> Yo,
> On Wed, Sep 20, 2000 at 03:29:31PM -0400, Serguei Ostrovskii wrote:
> > Correct, but for better or worse i810 isn't in every PC. In general there is no need
> > in compiling
> > any drivers but those for your computer(s).
> Believe it or not, but Gerard was running on an i810 right now and
> actually just got his working with 2.4.0-test8/gcc-2.95.2
> I don't see why it an gcc error if it's the header file...

I do not understand what you mean.

> -
> Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

I've spent some time trying to compile agpgart stuff - to see why it doesn't compile.
It comes down to following;

1. Some new type defined as existing simple C-type :
( It is important - just _simple_ compiler exported type ).
For instance,
typedef    int    tBlah;

2. This indirection happens one more time:
typedef    tBlah    tBlahBlah;

This is the point where gcc-2.95.2 gets nuts. I can't tell anything about another
I loked up GCC docs - they consider typedef'ing of embedded types as something non-...
While typing this stuff I received Gerard's message about his succes with i810.
It seems to me that headers in the new kernel must be fixed in order to please
today's "version of choice" of GCC.

Sergey Ostrovsky.

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