stuff (ok, sue me)

Kurt V. Hindenburg k.hindenburg at
Thu Sep 21 22:18:38 PDT 2000

I few comments about this-n-that...(ok, lfs)

My original and continuing problem with /dev/null...yes
it was because of the way I was mounting the lfs partition.
If you follow the book exactly you will never have this
problem...thanks for whoever commented on it...

I noticed that when I attempted to reboot my system and 
/mnt/zip (zip-drive) could'nt be umount (do to bash was cd
to it), that / was not umount...and thus had to be fscked
on the next boot....  Is there some way to have the script
stop with an error message or something?  Should be a way
to do this...

Side HD is hdc...MAKEDEV didn't create hdc*...
no biggie just slightly annoying...


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