Hang on reboot after installing kernel EUREKA

Shaggy Im-erbtham shaggy at loxinfo.co.th
Sun Sep 24 09:04:25 PDT 2000

It worked! Picked the 386 and successfully upgrade my kernel
to 2.2.16.

Thanks guys.


At 12:10 20/9/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Once again, I come in too late to the conversation... but, to clear up a
>couple of things if I may?
>> Kernel panic: Kernel cmpiles for Pentium+, requires TSC
>> In swapper task - not syncing
>>       [hangs.....]
>Your kernel is simply compiled for the wrong processor...
>TSC is the Time-Stamp Counter included in the Pentium and later
>architecture. Without boring you all to death with some pretty dry
>reading -- It monitors and identifies the time of occurrence of processor
>events, this is relative time.
>TSC is very important in SMP systems! Just FYI... the new -pre8 kernel has
>been patched with a TSC patch that allows multiple CPUs with dfferent
>multipliers to run together - properly! (take note all you Abit BP6 users).
>I do not know if the patch has been accepted? I can email the guy and see?
>> TIA
>> Shaggy
>Oh and btw: Bogo is shortened from bogus... meaning not real.

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