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Mon Sep 25 14:23:53 PDT 2000

One reason I would throw out for this not to be standard is because first 
and foremost, it's a security hole.  Given that it was the first thing I 
installed by myself after installing the base LFS kit, since it's mighty 
useful.. But it could quite conceivably be the difference between a hacker 
getting in or not, and IMHO shouldn't be standard on any system without the 
user/administrator explicitly knowing the risks.  This is, in fact, the 
exact reason I chose not to go with a pre-made distribution such as redhat.  
There are so many little extras in there that are security breaches that it 
just wasn't worth it to me to try tracking them all down.

What I'd be interested in knowing is what happened to the additional 
software info?  I have accessed the page several times in the 
last couple weeks because they have LFS 2.2, with additional networking 
info, X and window manager installation..  Is it going to be coming back in 
a future version, or would it be a viable project for someone besides Gerard 
(any volunteers?  perhaps I would do it...) to start up a 2nd how-to to add 
goodies to an LFS install?  I realize that a lot of how-to's are already out 
there for misc software, but in my own attempts at customizing LFS, there 
doesn't seem to be a very comprehensive one-place document.  Just finding 
out what a window manager was took me several hours of surfing.

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>Why does lfs suggest netkit-base instead of netkit-combo. To be able to use
>the network you need a few commands to even get more software. I would
>suggest that in the next version you change to netkit-combo where you get
>telnet and ftp and such immediatly and without generating any problems
>AFAIK. This would help alot when you go out to get more software to use on
>yer newly compiled LFS.
>This is all IMHO.

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