lilo problem

Kyle West sithii at
Mon Sep 25 18:09:49 PDT 2000

That sounds like your lilo.conf file isn't configured correctly, why don't 
you cut and paste a copy into your e-mail so someone can take a look.

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>I have been able to load all software and recompile the kernel on the lfs
>I am using redhat 6.2 as a starter system.
>I change into the chroot environment and then recompile the kernel and do
>the commands.
>Then I edit the /etc/lilo.conf file to point to /dev/hda5 on my system and
>show the /boot/lfskernel.
>All is well until I try to run lilo.
>If I run the lilo command I get an error message stating it can't be found.
>(I think this is a path problem that is fixable.)
>I then run /sbin/lilo and get an error "No images have been defined" and
>adding lfs.
>The book has been so well documented and I am so close...  I anyone have
>seen what could be causing this their help would be
>Peter Hood
>PS I did one thing differently than the book and I think it was easier for
>me.  I created the /mnt/lfs partition (inc directories) and mounted it
>before downloading the software from the internet.  In that way I could
>download software directly into /mnt/lfs/usr/source/(directory).  This cut
>out the moving step.

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