Patrick Buckles dsc222 at
Mon Sep 25 21:22:41 PDT 2000

Well, does DSC22 have an oppinion? of course... I know I just was shown the 
light of LFS, but I will be sticking around, and I agree with Gerard.  I 
THINK the point of LFS is just to have a basic running linux system, and 
whatever preferences you want, thats up to you.  I am personally glad 
netkit-combo was not in the distro, because I use ncftp and ssh and would 
have had hdd space taken up by programs that I would never use. The basics 
are the basics are the basics, that other stuff is not that hard to compile 
on your own, and some people dont need it.

There's my two cents....

Patrick Buckles
dsc222 at

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