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Mon Sep 25 22:24:20 PDT 2000

OK I see your point. A smaller suggestion then. You perhaps could mention
the fact that netkit-ftp contains the ftp client wich is almost essential to
get the files you need/want to make LFS usable? This could help alot so
people can get up and running faster?


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> The reason why netkit-base is used and not netkit-combo is to keep from
> installing stuff you don't need or want (always exceptions to
> that of course
> - heck I even install netkit-ftp on all my own systems to have the small
> simple ftp client but it still won't make it to the book). The
> book gives you
> a basic system (though one can discuss the need of a few packages
> but I've
> made a choice a long time ago and it was agreed upon that the
> current list of
> installed packages is a fairly decent list and there are always things
> missing. That's where you come in: it's your system, you install
> it yourself)
> without added features. That's why things like X, PPP, email and
> such have
> disappeared from the book (the only reason 2.2 is still available
> on linuxdoc
> is because they don't seem to be in a big hurry updating it) and
> is going to
> end up in the LFS InfoSys like Jesse mentioned.
> No, I haven't done much on the LFS InfoSys. I've got some basic
> ideas in the
> back of my head but haven't been able to start coding anything yet. I'm
> moving into a new appartment in less than 3 weeks so I won't be
> starting on
> LFS InfoSys before I move out. I planned on starting a week or
> two after I
> move out but I have to try and find time to fit it in my regular
> work hours.
> I can do only so much in my offtime.
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