Rod Roark rod at
Tue Sep 26 13:43:14 PDT 2000

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, andru sprott wrote:
> where is the best place to grab the latest linux stuff in tgz format?

LFSMake will get you all the basic LFS packages with a simple "make
download".  Most of these are in .tar.gz format which is the same as
.tgz.  You'll need to install wget if you don't already have it.

> or what is the best distribution to use with lfs, ie., is there such a
> distribution that uses raw tgz archives?

Not sure I understand this question.  Building a system from raw source
is what LFS is all about.  The distributions all use some kind of
packaging system.  As noted in another message, Slackware's packages
come as .tgz files; however these are still customized for Slackware,
not "raw".

If you mean what is a good distribution to start with in building a LFS
system, just about any recent major distribution should work.  I used
Mandrake 7.0.  However 90% of my customers ask for Red Hat, something
to consider if you're going to invest time in learning a distribution.
For what it's worth Red Hat 7.0 came out yesterday.

-- Rod
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