andru sprott andru at
Wed Sep 27 12:25:10 PDT 2000

> Not sure I understand this question.  Building a system from raw source
> is what LFS is all about.  The distributions all use some kind of
> packaging system.  As noted in another message, Slackware's packages
> come as .tgz files; however these are still customized for Slackware,
> not "raw".

ah, that kind of answers my question. if the tarballs are configured for
slackwares installation, that's not what i'm lookin for. i found the
stuff on one of the sunsite mirrors.

err, i hate to swear online, but i'm usin gozilla to leech the files. so
it's just
as good i haven't started to download the slackware stuff. i'll goto
or freshmeat if they store the files.


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