--prefix question?

Philipp Niemann niemann at IfM-Bonn.org
Wed Sep 27 16:16:03 PDT 2000

Hello, here comes another point of view,

On 27 Sep 2000, at 7:01, Kyle West wrote:
> I noticed that the --prefix=/usr used on just about every configure in LFS 
> makes the compiling process put things in /usr/* as oppossed to /usr/local/*
> Gerard, why did you choose to do this?  Is there a functionality issue 
> putting things in /usr as opposed to /usr/local directory, is it merely a 
> personal preference, is it a standard somewhere...?

The point IMHO is that the /usr tree is where the files of your 
distribiution belong. /usr/local is for additional packets you install later. 

That is: If your system fails you know what packages to install from 
CD and what has to be installed manually. In the case of LFS you 
have to install everything manually so the /usr/local -Tree isn't existing.

You could keep packages not mentioned in the LFS-Howto in 
/usr/local however.

Philipp Niemann
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