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Julio Recalde julio at dk2net.dk
Thu Sep 28 13:37:26 PDT 2000

Hi. I've just started with this book, I think it's really interesting and
agree with the author on wanting a home made distro.
While preparing my sytem for starting up, the folowing BadThing happened. I
had my SuSe 6.2 on hdb3 /, hdb1 /boot and hdb2 swap, on hda1 I had a win95
installation and on hda2 I had a deposit. I wanted my LFS system on hdb so
I moved all the important stuff to hdb and repartition hda to install a
fresh system to get started creating my LFS sys. Then I installed the new
SuSe 6.2 system on hda4  /, hda2 swap and hda3 /boot, and copyed all the
important stuff again so I could repartition and prepare hdb for the LFS
sys. On hdb I created hdb1 swap, hdb2 /, and hdb3 deposit. Then formatted
and mounted deposit and copyed all my stuff there, and I deleted by mystake
lost+found, no sure if that has anything to do with what happens next, I
couldn't mount hdb3 anymore! With mount /dev/hdb3 /mnt, the error was you
must specify fs type(the first time this worked jusr fine) and when I issue
mount /dev/hdb3 /mnt -t ext2, I says bad superblock, bad option, wrong fs
tyoe or too many mounted fss. I've tryed e2fsck, but the answer was the
same, corrupted super block. I tryed with the -b some.other.block.number
and it doesn't work. Do you have ANY IDEAS of what I can do to recorver my
data? I know that I should have made backcups, but it wasn't possible by
that time. 


			Julio J. Recalde L.

Lejre, 2/09/00
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