Is someone had a problem with a RD 6.2 to build LFS ???

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Fri Sep 29 08:35:18 PDT 2000

I wanted to write text in below but I understand what you want and what you
don't want ...


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This question was just to know if this distrib is good enough to build LFS.
I had some hardware problems and after some softwares problems. For my part
after so much of problemes I am not any more sure of anything.

That can be a good idee to add at the beginning of LFS-book, a small part
for new LFS's user, this distrib : no know bug, or don't use this one, ...
Because some users like me, who haven't 10 years of UNIX's use, want to
build a LFS "to learn more about the inner workings of Linux and how the
various pieces of the Operating System fit together". Some users who want to
play with Linux to learn, but don't want to stay 2 hours on a problem
because there're some knows bugs.

PS : I'm a 20 years old man, and I tried to install Linux for the fisrt time
3 years ago, but I had a problem with Xfree because my videocard was unknow.
After 5 hours of research in every Xfree configuration files and some
emails, someone said this sentence "you can't actualy run Linux with this
video card".

This story just for you to understand that lost several hours for nothing is
not the best way ...


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Objet : Re: Is someone had a problem with a RD 6.2 to build LFS ???

On Fri, 29 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> I had some problems after a Red Hat 5.2 updated with a 6.0 updated with a
> 6.1 updated with a 6.2 and updated with a 7.0 (CD1, I haven't the CD2
> currently). Finaly, I decided, yesterday night, to reinstall a complete
> brand news Red Hat 6.2.
> But I've got always some problems when I try to compile packages.
> So I've just one question : Is someone had a problem with a RD 6.2 to
> LFS ???

Dozens of people had problems. Also dozens of people didn't. Since this
doesn't help you one bit just tell us what your problems are and somebody
help you

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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