all the way through chroot...

Harold Noad noadie at
Sat Sep 30 18:26:25 PDT 2000

> Charlie wrote:
> Hello..
> I've went threw the linux froms cratch book, without any trouble, all the way
> up until I changed root... I already had all the packages unpacked...I entered
> the MAKEDEV-2.6 directory, & did what it told me too..then cd'd to /dev &
> ./MAKEDEV -v generic 'd...Bash told me:
> ./MAKEDEV: no such file or directory...but the ls command shows it plain &
> clear..
> I did the chmod 754..then tried 755 as it was shown in an older version of the
> linux from scratch book...  Then, I exited the chroot'ed environment &
> MAKEDEV'd as worked okay, so I chrooted'd again...but when I went
> to install GCC, it told me there's no configure file, but ls shows that it
> does exist...  I don't now much about anything...I have no idea what the
> trouble is.  I've tried it over and over..
> Any help would be much appreciated!  Thanks for your time,
> Charlie Arnold   Charlie at
When you were installing the static bash you missed a step.
cd $LFS/bin
ln -s bash sh
Both MAKEDEV and configure are #!/bin/sh scripts.

Harold Noad

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