Windows (yes, I know it's a Linux list).

Mike Miller mhmtech at
Tue Jan 2 16:08:53 PST 2001

One other piece of advice: if you're trying to install windows to anything
besides the first hard drive (normally the primary master, if you have one),
it won't like it. What you can do (what I did... I have linux on hda and
windows on hdb) is disable your linux drive in the BIOS. Then install
windows normally. When you create lilo.conf, you'll need to put a line in
(sorry... I don't recall the exact syntax offhand) that tells it to "switch"
the two hard drives if you boot to windows... so windows thinks it's the
first line... I know it has change in it, and a 0x80 and a 0x81... do an
internet search for [+"lilo.conf" +0x80 +0x81] and you should find it. Good

--Mike Miller
mhmtech at

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