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On Tuesday 02 January 2001 16:51, Fabio Fracassi wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 January 2001 23:13, you wrote:
> > Where in the install does it hang?
> > > Here's the catch: WINDOWS 98 WON'T INSTALL AGAIN! I can't
> > > figure it out. I've
> > > got a fat-32 filesystem on a primary partition on the primary
> > > disk, and the
> > > install hangs up every time...Any ideas why?
> I had simmilar problems, when I installed win98, the problem seemed to be,
> that I used linux's fdisk, and win didn't like that. It worked when I
> created the partitions with dos fdisk.

1) Make sure the partition is marked as bootable, DOS (and Windows) requires 
this.  "b" in linux fdisk

2) After writing the new partition table to disk, reboot.  This notifies the 
BIOS and IDE controller to check the table again.

3) Clear the first 512 blocks on the win partition.  
- From man fdisk:
       The  bottom  line  is  that  if you use cfdisk or fdisk to
       change the size of a DOS partition table entry,  then  you
       must  also use dd to zero the first 512 bytes of that par­
       tition before using DOS FORMAT to  format  the  partition.
       For example, if you were using cfdisk to make a DOS parti­
       tion table entry for /dev/hda1, then (after exiting  fdisk
       or  cfdisk and rebooting Linux so that the partition table
       information is  valid)  you  would  use  the  command  "dd
       if=/dev/zero  of=/dev/hda1  bs=512  count=1"  to  zero the
       first 512 bytes of the partition.

4) I'm assuming you know that windows install with overwrite your LILO (or 
GRUB) bootloader in the MBR.  Have a bootdisk available and know how to use 

5) You might also want to check that your BIOS does not have MBR Virus 
protection enabled.  This is "write protection" for your MBR.  You cannot 
install windows with this enabled.

Hope that helps,
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