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Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Wed Jan 3 04:57:53 PST 2001

> I've got my wonderful Linux box, runs great, love it to bits. Unfortunately, the
> real world dictates that I now have to install Windows 98 on it in a dual-boot
> manner (my poor machine).
> Here's the catch: WINDOWS 98 WON'T INSTALL AGAIN! I can't figure it out. I've
> got a fat-32 filesystem on a primary partition on the primary disk, and the
> install hangs up every time...Any ideas why?

Hangs in what manner?
And what exactly has changed since your last installation (you say "won't 
install AGAIN"). Adding a Linux partition should not affect the 
installation of Windows 98. I installed Windows 98 on a system that 
already had 2 Linux partitions without any problems.
Have you added/removed/replaced hardware?

Did you create and format the Windows 98 partition from a 
Windows 98/MSDOS 7 boot disk or from Linux?
I had trouble with an FAT partition created under Linux. I removed it 
completely and used the fdisk and format from a Windows 98 boot disk 
(rescue disk) and everything worked fine. 

I now use GRUB to boot between MSDOS 7 (the DOS from Win98 modified to 
work independently), Windows 98 (both installed on the same FAT 32 
partition) and LFS. 


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