Boot messages problem

Richard Lightman richard at
Wed Jan 3 10:59:04 PST 2001

Misquoted from Shlok Smári Datye on 2001/01/ 3 at 18:12 +0000:
> Hi
> I have a bootscript (etc/init.d/modprobe) which modprobes my network card
> module.
> It works fine, but one problem occurs. Even though I redirect to /dev/null I
> get this output:
> ---------------
> ne2k-pci.c:vpre-1.00e 5/27/99 D. Becker/P. Gortmaker
> ne2k-pci.c: PCI NE2000 clone 'Winbond 89C940' at I/O 0xe400, IRQ 9.
> eth0: Winbond 89C940 found at 0xe400, IRQ 9, 00:20:78:14:E4:48.
> ---------------
> But I DON'T want to get any output. I have also tried doing "&>/dev/null",
> ">& /dev/null", and "&>/dev/null 1&>2".

The output is probably being sent to /dev/console
If you did not do anything about it, anything sent to /dev/console
will be sent to /dev/tty0. /dev/tty0 is the current virtual terminal.

Here are two solutions:

Add something like console=/dev/tty8 to the kernel options at boot time.

Change the current virtual terminal to something you do not look at
before running modprobe, then change it back with the chvt command eg:
chvt 8
modprobe ...
chvt 1


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