Linux-2.4.0 is out!!

Oren J Byer ojbyer at
Thu Jan 4 20:14:57 PST 2001

> Christ I'm on DSL and my FTP transfers are 60KBps.  I didn't think that
> was strange because when I lived in Ohio and was using CinciBell (i'm in
> PA with Verizon now) it was 90KBps.  Do you guys really get that kind of
> speed with cable?  I mean, i guess i can't complain compared to analog,
> but still.....*drool*

When I had it, I never got more than about 300 or soon a single download,
but I regularly got 500 combined over 3-4 downloads at one and once got over
700 on one of those "benchmark your connection" sites. Programs like
Getright (for windows) are good for this. They will allow you to download
one file from up to 8 different servers at the same time. That makes it
easier to maximise your download speed.

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