Partitioning schemes

Rik Burt rikb at
Thu Jan 4 23:14:37 PST 2001

I have been trying to find information in the archive about partitioning
schemes.  It seems to me that it the latest version of the book that the
whole system is built onto one partition of the hard drive.  Is this a
better way to go than many partitions?  The book lists Running Linux by Matt
Welsh as a source and after perusing this book I read that Mr. Welsh has his
whole system on one partition but they suggest having more than one

In the past I have used the following partition scheme: /, swap, /usr,
/root, /home, /var.  I know that partitioning is more personal preference
than an exact science but should I choose to how would I set up LFS using
multiple partitioning?  I have read and read man pages and other sources but
I must be missing something really basic because this shouldn't be as hard
as I am finding it.

Thanks for any help.


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