Upgrading LFS 2.4.0 to kernel 2.4.0

Laurens Blankers lblankers at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 5 03:57:19 PST 2001

Let me start by saying that I am totally new at this. I have compiled 
several 2.2.17 kernels, but never upgraded to 2.2.18 or 2.4.0(test*). So I 
have a few questions:

1. How do I configure my system is such a way that I can boot (using Lilo) 
to both 2.2 and 2.4 kernels? (In case something goes wrong with the 2.4) I 
mean things like modules and the 'linux' symbolic link.

2. Which changes do I have to make to my LFS 2.4.0 system? (/dev? /etc?)

3. Which programs need to be recompiled? (glibc? X? ncurses?)

4. When I recompile a program with the 2.4 kernel will it run when I boot 
with a 2.2 kernel?


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