Linux-2.4.0 problems

Jeffery McLean jeffery at
Fri Jan 5 07:00:51 PST 2001

First boot mistakenly left VGA text console... console driver active
after also making Voodoo 3 FB driver active...
Result... conflicting drivers keep me from having any sort of display..

repair... don't do dat... removed VGA text console driver and went entirely
with Voodoo 3 FB.. everything happy...

Second problem also 3DFX voodoo 3 related..
Don't know how to get Mesa to recognise Voodoo 3 without using
the drivers supplyed by 3dfx... the 3dfx drivers I have are for
the 2.2.x and don't compile on the 2.4.x
Went to Linux driver support website at 3dfx and....

3dfx did this once before.. they took down the linux driver website for 
unknown reasons.. it came back... I got what i needed...
So posable solution is wait for the website to return...
Bad news... 3dfx was bought out by Nivida.. so the Linux drivers may never

Second solution... buy new card..... Grrrrrrrrr

Third solution... drop back to 2.2 and use older driver...

For now... I'm dropping back... Unhappy...

I was looking forward to fb driver support on XFree 4.0
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