Drool... WAS --> Re: Autoconf Version 2.14.1

Brett generica at email.com
Fri Jan 5 13:36:57 PST 2001


Tack my name onto the list of people with a LFS 2.4.3 system, but with
glibc2.2 and kernel2.4 ... no problems whatsoever.  Its quite astounding

I personally would say "wait for gcc 2.95.3 ... it can't be _that_ far
away, what with the prerelease the other day.  But waiting for 3.0 is
probably gonna take a while, and there will be _all_ sorts of
compatibility problems when that is released </doomsday prediction>

have fun,

	/ Brett

On Fri, 5 Jan 2001, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> > Does this mean that the next version of the LFS Book will use glibc2.2?
> > Pant, drool, slaver... (how about kernel 2.4.0 while I am dreaming...?)
> Don't dream. It's reality. I've tested Glibc-2.2 extensively and everything 
> runs fine. X402, KDE, OpenGL/mesa/glut and a whole bunch of other software 
> (haven't tried Netscape yt). I'm not done testing but so far everything 
> worked just fine, so I think glibc-2.2 isn't all that bad as it was in RedHat7
> 2.4 kernel works great too (i've been running a test12 kernel though. Havne't 
> tried the official release yet but I don't imagine it'll be worse than the 
> test12 one).
> All we are waiting for I think is GCC-3.0 to be releaed, although I have 
> absolutely no idea how long that's going to take. Therefore I am not sure if 
> we should run a glibc-2.2 system without gcc-3.0. The fact that it runs 
> superb  on my end doesnt' mean that everybody else has no problems or feels 
> comfortable with gcc-2.95.2 running under glibc-2.2

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