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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Jan 5 15:07:01 PST 2001

> Yo,
> On Fri, Jan 05, 2001 at 06:48:34PM +0100, Stefan Hoffmeister wrote:
> > Trust me, you do want glibc 2.2. 
> Everyone keeps saying 'Trust me' but doens't give a reason...

I guess a couple of us, me included, do not fully agree that one should
wait for gcc to update before we update our glibc. LIkewise i don't wait
till a certain modutils is released before I go and run a newer kernel
(be it 2.2 or 2.4). Now you can think two things:
1) GNU people are very very very stupid to release a Glibc version for
which no suitable compiler is avaiable yet.
2) GNU people release a Glibc version the current GNU compiler can deal

To me number 2 makes more sense than the first option. Likewise I don't
wait to run a different gcc version if no newer Glibc has been released.

In a way gcc and glibc go hand in hand, but I guess most of us don't
combine gcc and glibc that strongly. 

But hey, I am I and you are you. I'm glad you don't think the way I do,
the world would be very boring if you were to do so. And since I do have
to keep as many people happy as I can, I will not include glibc in the
new book, not until gcc 2.95.3 or later has been released. This simply
means I will wait with the next book release until gcc updates so
everybody here is happy ;) This gives me more time to do more work on
the book and get some long-awaiting things done. The more work I can do
the more we can justify the LFS major number increase. As soon as gcc
updates, LFS will go 3.0 (there will probably be no 2.4.4 or 2.5.0. I
rather wait and save myself a lot of work).

What if people don't want to wait and just want to have a book that
deals with glibc 2.2 and whatever the current gcc is? Well good news for
those guys. If all goes according to plan I will put the LFS book in CVS
tomorrow. I am not sure if I can get to it tomorrow as I have a couple
of ALFS things planned that have a higher priority. It all depends on
how fast I can work tomorrow.

When LFS is in CVS, a cron job will run daily that creates various
versions of the current snapshot. Every night you'll be able to grab
SGML, HTML, TXT, PS and PDF versions of the current book in CVS. CVS is
step one, then I have to install a few programs on linuxfromscratch.org
that can convert SGML into HTML, PS and PDF. I hope to have that script
running by Tuesday. But this all depends on my time.

Anyways the global plan is to have LFS BOOK in CVS and the script(s)
running by the end of next week.

On a sidenote:
I want to convert LFS book into XML DocBook soon. I have not looked at
what is needed to make the conversion, but if somebody here knows how to
do so, feel free to give me a few pointers how to do so ;)

Gerard Beekmans

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