Upgrading LFS 2.4.0 to kernel 2.4.0

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Jan 5 15:49:31 PST 2001

> It wasn't Gerard, at least i don't remenber it being him, someone else
> (Gerard wasn't even using 2.4.0-test? kernels back then) and i don't

I did put it in the book with the notfound=RETURN part, but it was not
my own idea. I had been using that for a while until I decided to try
out what happens without the notfound=RETURN part. Turned out things
still work the way they should, so I removed it from the book (the day I
decided to try out what happens by removing it was the day I starting
using a 2.4 kernel)

Gerard Beekmans

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