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Oren J Byer ojbyer at usa.net
Fri Jan 5 16:13:09 PST 2001

> > > Out of curious, what file do you have >2GB?
> >
> > Video files. One of my hobbies is digitizing my VHS anime collection. If
> > captured as a single file, one episode of the series I collect will make
> > 8-10 gig uncompressed avi at 320x240. My system is fast enough to
capture at
> > 640X480, however I run into the 2 gig limit very quickly.
> >
> I am curious, what hardware and software do you use to do that...
> Because I plan to use my VHS on my computer, but i had to look for
hardware compatibility.

I use a Hauppauge WinTV PCI card to capture the video output from my VCR and
a generic sound card to capture the audio.

For sofware I was using Adobe Premiere and Xing MPEG Encoder for the audio
and Sound Forge for the audio. Now I am looking for linux programs to use
instead. The problem is that while Windows has better software for editing
video, linux is better for capturing them. Bttvgrab is a very nice command
line program for capturing and also allows for conversion to MPEG-1 or 2
format. Broadcast 2000 looks promising as a non-linear video editor if I can
ever get it to compile (I get errors complaining about the lack of a
/usr/src/redhat directory).

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