Intel - Itanium Chips

Richard Bennett at
Sat Jan 6 05:05:36 PST 2001

Ok, so there's a lot of fuss about these new chips that intel are coming up with... but what exactly are the benefits of having double the processing accuracy?

I'm just curious... 

btw, i been hanging in your IRC #lfs - this community is sweet. i used to be in the "hacker" ($Cr1p7 K1dd13s) community.. to be blunt it sucked. one false move and your ass was flamed off the NG / Channel. anyways, i got bored with compiling scripts and trying them on 10000 servers to find a vulnerable one. It's about time I took up a hobby that's a little more useful to people than taking down their servers - Hence linux hacking comes in to save the day :) LFS is just what I need.

/me wanders over to gerard and shakes his hand

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