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Chris Snyder csnyder at
Sat Jan 6 09:52:26 PST 2001

ken_i_m wrote:

> First, thanks for the mirror Seth.
> I need to build a router/firewall. I have been doing a Mickey Mouse 
> band-aid sort of thing with a half-ass proxy server and a firewall 
> application on a Win98 box. It is a pain in the ass to use and still 
> there are some services I am unable to get working properly. I want to 
> chuck it and build a gateway/firewall on an old HP 486-SX25 that was 
> given to me this past summer. I had some SIMMs laying around on the 
> workbench so I put them in bumping the RAM up to 32 MB. The hard drive 
> is only 170 MB. I put ZipSlack on a Zip disk and have booted that and 
> got networking running that way. I was able to configure ppp and even 
> did a little browsing with Lynx. I tried to get diald set up but 
> failed. I did all this before getting involved in LFS and have not 
> touched it since then. The point is the hardware works.
> I am sure that some of you have built a similar box for your LAN (no 
> offense meant to those who do not have one). There are a number of 
> packages that obviously do not need to be included in such a system. 
> Then there are some that are not part of the basic LFS system that are 
> highly desired such as OpenSSH.
> Now, if this topic isn't too far afield for this mailing list, I would 
> love to hear other's experience in setting something like this up.
> I think, therefore, ken_i_m
I'm currently building a LFS box to be a firewall for the network.  
Since we're running a few servers behind the firewall and need close to 
100% reliability, I'm also building a second identical firewall that 
will check to see if the main firewall is up, and take over the IP 
address if it goes down.  That way I can keep one firewall up to date 
with the latest packages, and only upgrade the second firewall after the 
first one has been stable for a few weeks.

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