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32bit pentium chips have >= 64bit precision through the
integrated math coprocessor. I have not read the specs on the itanium processor
but it probably does not have any greater precicsion except for its default
integer instructions which will be 64 vs 32 bit.


On Sat, Jan 06, 2001 at 01:57:52PM -0000, Richard Bennett wrote:
> u say the accuracy isnt important, but being a C programmer IMHO IT IS!!!
> look at it this way.. 32 bit machines the highest number you can *process* without writing a custom maths library is 
> 2xy32 <---- 4294967296.
> on a 64 bit machine that number then rises to 
> 2xy64 <---- THIS IS ONE FRIGGIN HUGE NUMBER!!! -  my PC cant work it out -
> perhaps  mr Dubinin can work it out on his swanky processor :)
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>   Not the processing accuracy important :) It's totally new architecture. Please, look in Itanium section of
>   Overall perfomance. You can execute instructions more than 6 times faster - in parallel. Just RTFM. 
>   And I can say - It _really_ working!
>   But such kind of optimization require good compiler (like Intel one) or lot of assembler programming work and specific kind of brain - with big experience of IA optimization.
>   Last 2 months I trying to build LFS on my Itanium - unsuccessfully yet.
>   Many Linux packages need to be rewriten to be executed correctly on 64-bit platform, also - different hardware, different compiler... GCC is not stable enougth, Intel's own compiler - not so good for kernel compilation yet...
>   So, just wait... 
>   Bye!
>     Alexander Dubinin.
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>     Ok, so there's a lot of fuss about these new chips that intel are coming up with... but what exactly are the benefits of having double the processing accuracy?
>     I'm just curious... 
>     btw, i been hanging in your IRC #lfs - this community is sweet. i used to be in the "hacker" ($Cr1p7 K1dd13s) community.. to be blunt it sucked. one false move and your ass was flamed off the NG / Channel. anyways, i got bored with compiling scripts and trying them on 10000 servers to find a vulnerable one. It's about time I took up a hobby that's a little more useful to people than taking down their servers - Hence linux hacking comes in to save the day :) LFS is just what I need.
>     /me wanders over to gerard and shakes his hand
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