Linker Warnings (is it glibc-2.2?)

Pierre Cyr pierre.cyr at
Sat Jan 6 14:07:20 PST 2001

Hi there,

I tried restarting my LFS from scratch once more changing my
optimization options.

(I have Athlon computers and I was using the flags suggested on except for the -O3 which I reduce to -O2...  I am
sticking to gcc-2.95.2 (which reminds me...  there is a new version of
pgcc out there for the pgcc fans))

I was hoping that using a simple "-O2 -mcpu=i686 -march=i686" would
solve my problem with sh-util.

Anyways... In the process, I have noticed that once in the chroot'ed
environment, some packages give me linker warnings.

Here is an example with the patch package

gcc -o patch -O2 -march=i686 -mcpu=i686  addext.o argmatch.o
backupfile.o basename.o error.o inp.o maketime.o partime.o patch.o pch.o
quotearg.o quotesys.o util.o version.o xmalloc.o
patch.o: In function `make_temp':
patch.o(.text+0x2945): the use of `mktemp' is dangerous, better use
/bin/sh ./mkinstalldirs /usr/bin /usr/man/man1
/bin/install -c patch /usr/bin/`echo patch | sed 's,x,x,'`
/bin/install -c -m 644 ./ /usr/man/man1/`echo patch | sed

I follow the order from the LFS books so patch is compiled with the
static gcc (compiled under glibc-2.1.3) (that's if it is of any

I can't wait to get a running system...

Thanks in advance for any advice...


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