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On Saturday 06 January 2001 15:09, Darryl wrote:
> What can not be made a module when compiling up a Kernel as i want to
> modulize everything that is concievably possiblly but i know not everything
> can be made a module and im not sure of what is the minimum that cant be
> made a module as it is needed at boot time
> Thanx Darryl

Hmmm, long list, depending on what hardware you have.  (I'm sure others on 
this list will add to it.)

Networking should be mono (built in)
Hard drive interfaces (ide, scsi)
FS's mono (ext2, reiser, fat if your root is on reiser)
Virtual terminals
Chipset bugfixes

Those should keep you safe, everything else is pretty much fair game for 
modules.  (I should mention, I don't use modules at all, If I need it, it's 
in the kernel.)

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