LAN Gateway/Firewall

Chris Snyder csnyder at
Sat Jan 6 16:43:03 PST 2001

I considered co-locating, but my current plan calls for up to eight 
servers.  At about $150 per server, that's $1200 a month.  Since we're 
paying $150 per month for 256k DSL service that we can upgrade to at 
least 758kbps for about $400 a month, it just wasn't a good option for 
us.  Your needs are probably different, though.

ken_i_m wrote:

> At 05:13 PM 1/6/01 -0500, you wrote:
>> We currently have a 128k ISDN line with no firewall.  A 256k DSL line 
>> is currently connected, but I'm the only one using it until I finish 
>> the firewalls (hmm... maybe I don't want to share the bandwidth<g>).
> Share? What's that? It appears to be an English word. I will have to 
> get my dictionary out and look it up.
> I am too far out of town for DSL. Am looking at the service offered by 
> a local wireless ISP. There is also a new start-up that is rumored to 
> be offering wireless service once they open their doors. If neither of 
> these options work out I can co-locate my hardware with a local 
> broadband provider for $150 per month. um, maybe I will go for the 
> co-lo regardless.
>> I'm trying to<g>.  If I can get it built, I certainly am.  It has a 
>> lot of cool features, such as guaranteeing a certain amount of 
>> badwidth for different services (outgoing HTTP trafic will get 128k, 
>> DNS will get 64k, mail 64k, and our internal websurfing will get 
>> whatever isn't being used).
> Whoa, I didn't know iptables would do that. Cool.
> I think, therefore, ken_i_m

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