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Mon Jan 8 07:26:55 PST 2001

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From: Shlok Smári Datye <shlok at ript.net>
Date: Monday, January 8, 2001 3:53 pm
Subject: KDE2

> Hi
> I just installed KDE2 using Sergei's guide. I found that KDE2 runs 
> slow. I'm
> surprised since Win2k works just fine. Shouldn't Linux be faster 
> than Win?
> My question is, does compilation level have something to do with 
> this? I
> have Pentium II and used "-O2 -march=i386", should I move to 
> higher opt
> level?
> Thanks.
Okay...you have big problems and I want to help you out!
I've a high-speed Intel 386 box for you if you want to try it out just 
message me back. Oh, but first learn the 10-finger-system - it will 
immensely increase the speed of your system!

One sentence is so cute I'm even melting: "Shouldn't Linux be faster 
than Win?"

I know, a senseless mail I wrote, but I just can't resist sometimes ;-) 
Don't take it too personally, Shlok!

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