Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Mon Jan 8 08:20:54 PST 2001

> have Pentium II and used "-O2 -march=i386", should I move to higher opt
> level?

Another thing to check is your kernel...

Under Processor type and features make sure MTRR support is enabled and the
correct processor family type is selected.  On newer kernels there are some
more options then just that, just read the help inside make menuconfig.

Another trap i find myself in occasionaly is when i go through selecting
things for my new kernel i find my self saying, "Oh look, that's pretty
neat, i'll want to play with that later."  Now if I do that, I always try to
make it a module, so that it doesn't suck up resorces...

The other thing U can try is monitor your memory usage.  I use win2k and NT4
alot at work and win2k uses quite a bit of memory.  128MB is the smallest
I'd ever try using.  I don't run KDE2, but from what I've heard others
talking about it is just as memory intesive, if not more so then win2k.  Use
the top program or a simple cat /proc/meminfo at times to monitor how much
memory you are using and if the swap is being used.  If you notice the swap
is being used by more then 1 or 2 MB it's time to buy another DIMM.


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