Kernel (2.2.17) Trouble

Jeffrey B. Ferland autocracy at
Tue Jan 9 15:50:31 PST 2001

Mike Miller sent this one to us:
> Hi all,
> I just recompiled my kernel... like an idiot (actually... i think most of us
> do this) I didn't keep careful track of what I changed), and now, when i
> boot the new kernel, it fails right after detecting the hard drives (after
> hdc, to be precise). It misidentifies my CD-ROM (well... it says it's a 40X
> instead of 44X.. but the working (old) kernel gets it right), then it says
> "Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer deference at virtual address
> 00000010", and then it gives me a bunch of processor/register info. Any
> ideas what I did?

First, are the kernels the same version? Second, compilation error? If both are
no, run your kernel config again and go through all the menus...

Why 2.2.17?


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