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Jeffrey B. Ferland autocracy at
Tue Jan 9 16:13:07 PST 2001

Jan Stifter wrote:
> does anybody know, what compile options are perfect for a pentium-pro
> running at 200 Mhz?
> i want to compile the things only for this system and want to speed
> the tools up as much as i can.
> the book mentions
> CFLAGS="-O3 -march=xxx"
> this seems not very optimized for me.
> many thanks

That's because you must be used to Windows. That whole Linux is faster thing is
just hype to drag you over :)

The reason that doesn't seem optimized is that you need to replace xxx with ppro
(or something like that... possibly pentium-pro. Unfortunately, I can't
remember). Now to make you feel like you're getting somewhere, -O3 means:
-fthread-jumps -fdefer-pop -fdelayed-branch -fomit-frame-pointer
-finline-functions, and a few other options. Note that  -finline-functions
usually makes debugging impossible. Use --disable-debug as an argument for your
configure scripts. You probably won't need debugging anyway. If you don't mind
spending some time compiling, try tacking on:

-O3 -fsave-memoized (makes C++ sources compile faster, no effect on final
output) -fcaller-saves -ffast-math (rips out ANSI and IEEE rules in favor of raw

Note: there are other flags that can be added, but I think that these are the
best. Others will argue...


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