Boot problems!

Matthias Minich matthias at
Wed Jan 10 11:06:45 PST 2001


are you sure, that / is really on /dev/hdb3 (third partition on primary
slave disk)?
if your LFS / partiotion is the first partition on your primary master-disk,
the line for root in fstab should look like this:

	/dev/hda1	/	ext2	defaults	1	1

for the second partition on primary master it should look like this:

	/dev/hda2	/	ext2	defaults	1	1

my system for example has a 15 meg boot-partition (partition1 @ prim master
with boot-flag set), the second partition @ prim. master is my root
partition and the third is for swap-space. on my primary master-disk, i have
one partition containing /home. so my fstab looks like this:

/dev/hda1		/boot		ext2	defaults	1	1
/dev/hda2		/		ext2	defaults	1	1
/dev/hda3		swap		swap	defaults	0	0
/dev/hdb1		/home		ext2	defaults	1	1
proc			/proc		proc	defaults	0	0

maybe you'd like to take a look at your /etc/lilo.conf it contains a line
"root = /dev/hda2" (on my system). here you should replace /dev/hda2 with
the partition which fits to your configuration. "man lilo.conf" and "man
fstab" might be interesting for you...

i hope it helped
cu, matthias minich

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> Subject: Boot problems!
> While booting i get the error
> mount: can't find / in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab
> Cannot check root file system because it could not be mounted in read only
> mode
> mount: mount point   does not exist!
> Some of these messages show up multiple times
> my fstab file is the same as in the manual
> /dev/hdb3 / ext2 defaults 1 1 (or something like that)
> /dev/hdb2 swap swap defaults 0 0
> and that other thing.
> I donwloaded the bootscripts from the site didnt make them myself!

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