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Richard Bennett rocket.fish at btinternet.com
Thu Jan 11 08:38:03 PST 2001

on my mandrake system (no jeering please :) i had it set up so that i could press CTRL-ALT-F12 (switch to tty12) and i would be shown a tail of the main system log (the one that registers just about all the major problems, errors in network, errors loading modules etc... you know the one)
i cant work out how this was done... and i'd like to have this screen because it is damn useful when debugging programs.
In fact, i wouldnt mind having separate files being logged to tty9 - 12

so... anyone know the magic command line?

by the way, i already know how to do a "tail /var/log/<logfilename>.log > /dev/tty12"
the problem with that is that it then ties up the console it was started on (eg. tty1) so that i cant use that console whilst tail is running... annoying.

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