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Richard Lightman richard at
Thu Jan 11 08:53:48 PST 2001

Misquoted from jerry on 2001/01/11 at 09:23 +0000:
> If you use a find command to track new files created by install , how do
> you deal with the case of any new file created by process other than the
> make install while make install is running?
Badly. I use a kill list if directories. The biggest culprit is
/dev because anything I type changes the modification time of a tty.

> You can change 1 sprintf line in installwatch to make your output compatible
> with standard unix commands.
> Installwatch programs take no detectable time to run while a find command can
> take a fairly large amount of time on a system with lots of extra packages
> installed.
Again the directory kill list helps. Correct use of the -prune option
will prevent find entering "/mnt". That way it will not see my other
LFS installation or my backups. It will then take only half the time.

> Installwatch type programs can also be unreliable because they can not
> track files created by programs that bypass dynamic  glibc open/creat.
> ie. An assembler version of install which call int 80 directly.
> Although I am using an Installwatch clone , I am still looking for  the
> perfect solution (other than writing my  own make install for each package
> as I assume the distros like redhat,debian must do).
I think you will have to choose between speed and time. To catch everything,
with no false alarms, you could make two backups of you system, install
in one while chrooted, and then check every file to see if someone have
changed the contents without changing the date.

Decide how paranoid you are and select a compromise.


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