CAPI-2.0 and Kernel-2.4.0

Matthias Minich matthias at
Thu Jan 11 15:07:30 PST 2001

i already made them as modules and those modules are present and can be
loaded. the problem is the low-level-driver (correct me, if i'm wrong) for
my passive isdn-card. for kernel-2.2.16 it is available from the
manufacturer of the card, but _only_ precompiled. as there is an "AVM B1 PCI
Support" i need an "AVM A1 PCI Support"-option or sth. like that, but i
can't find any sources.

maybe you have some ideas...
matthias minich

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> CAPI2.0 is available as a module unter "Active ISDN drivers"
> :-)
> LG, Mario

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