WarmFuzzy hugo1301 at home.com
Sat Jan 13 18:30:28 PST 2001

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> The reason LFS never had a FAQ is that items in a possible FAQ are always
> fixed in the next book release, so FAQ's usually are short lived. I'm not
> sure if we should add a FAQ containing "if modprobe says it can't find
> net-pf-9". There are other places for that. It just means the person enabled
> auto module loading in the kernel but did not read the documentation that
> comes with it to set it up. Should we start taking care of people not reading
> their other docs?


My level of experience is such that I need a lot of hand holding if a
compile does not go perfectly. What I run into often is that I don't
know where I should be looking for help with a problem. Many times I
don't know if I caused the problem or if the problem is part of the
source. What I would like to see is some general instructions in the
book, something like a problem flow chart, that would get a newbie like
me through the basic exercises to find the problem. These would probably
be the obvious steps that you experienced people would do. It has been
my experience that if something is obvious to me, then I subconsciously
assume that it is obvious to others. Sort of like, if I can do it,
anyone can do it. I just learned from reading LFS-discuss that the
compile error messages will actually tell you the offending line in the
source file. If these instructions exist, I don't know about it so it
would be nice to have a pointer to those instructions. Would it be
possible to have something like that? An "If you have trouble" section?
I haven't read completely through the book for quite a while so if it
already exist, just ignore this Email


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