Advice for buyer needed

Sergey Ostrovsky sostrovsky at
Sun Jan 14 06:39:31 PST 2001

Hello all,
I know it is not Linux-LFS-whatever question, and just hope you forgive me 
It is time for me to buy a new horse -:).
Several i586s that I have ain't good anymore ...
So, I want to make an investment in a new system which should'n make me regret
about money spent for 3-4 years. ( Because it is OK with my wife to spent 
several thousand on this-big-boy-toys, but not every year ).
I think it will be something which is perceived today as a server - 
dual-processor board. It will have SCSI-160 controller ( not on-board for 
ease of upgrading ). I do not think it will have any IDE device. Sertainly
it will have a decent videocard, I think G400.
So, the question of questions is - which motherboard ?
Also, which videocard is advisable ?
Is there any motherboards with 200MHZ FSB ?

An advice is appreciated very much.

Sergey Ostrovsky.

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