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Sun Jan 14 08:30:30 PST 2001

And if it weren't for windows, we'd still be using DOS (well, probably
not since people were pretty graphics-starved at the time, but you get
my point).  What they've done for the community is great, the popularity
they've helped Linux achieve is great, but the move they made with 7.0
_sucked_.  7.0 was pushed as a _release_, not a "non-mission-critical" 
beta/alpha/whatever.  Like I've seen in some sigs, "Redhat likes to be
cutting-edge, but you have to do the bleeding" (or something like
that).  Oh, and if I wanted to beta-test something I'd volunteer--it
shouldn't be something I'm tricked into.  5.1, 6.2, etc., were
great--but 7.0 blew, they should have put more thought into it before
they shoved it out the door.

However, extremely unstable Linux software is still more stable than
extremely unstable windows software (in my experience).  In any case,
this is my last post on the subject--I have a feeling Gerard is about to
give a cease-and-desist on this topic.

jerry wrote:
> I really do not understand all of the Redhat bashing. If it was not for
> redhat , we would probably still be using libc5 (glibc ver 1.x). At work
> I have servers that have been running redhat for years without a single
> problem. These machines are typically rebooted once a year for upgrades.
> Now when the machine was just upgraded , it was upgraded to redhat 6.2
> with a 2.2.17 kernel. We did not use a 2.4 kernel because it was not
> stable. That does not mean linux 2.4 is a piece of crap , it is just new
> software. Redhat 7.0 is just new software and redhat 7.1 , 7.2 and all
> other distros will be better in the future because redhat put out
> 7.0 so a large number of people will test it in non mission critical
> situations.
> Redhat also contributes more back to the linux community than any other
> single entity that I know of through contributions of both code and
> financial support of a great many linux hackers such as allen cox.
> I like LFS more than redhat for all of the reasons other people have
> already stated but that does not take away from any of the things that
> redhat , debian etc have done for the linux community.
> jpd
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With no walls or fences on the internet, who needs Windows or Gates?

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