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Richard Lightman richard at
Sun Jan 14 08:50:38 PST 2001

Misquoted from Sergey Ostrovsky on 2001/01/14 at 09:39 +0000:
> Hello all,
> I know it is not Linux-LFS-whatever question, and just hope you forgive me 
> that.
> It is time for me to buy a new horse -:).
> Several i586s that I have ain't good anymore ...
> So, I want to make an investment in a new system which should'n make me regret
> about money spent for 3-4 years. ( Because it is OK with my wife to spent 
> several thousand on this-big-boy-toys, but not every year ).
> I think it will be something which is perceived today as a server - 
> dual-processor board. It will have SCSI-160 controller ( not on-board for 
> ease of upgrading ). I do not think it will have any IDE device. Sertainly
> it will have a decent videocard, I think G400.
> So, the question of questions is - which motherboard ?
> Also, which videocard is advisable ?
> Is there any motherboards with 200MHZ FSB ?
> An advice is appreciated very much.
> Sergey Ostrovsky.

Currently that dual processor requirement limits you to P3/Celeron.
If you have the sdram chips on the same board as the CPU, you can
clock them at 250MHz, but putting large numbers of them in DIMMs
limits you to 150MHz (unless you put the motherboard in liquid
nitrogen). At present you cannot have dual processor and DDR-DRAM.
The Via Appolo 266 should do that - when it is available. Micron
have a really good chipset in developement, and one day you may
be able to get SMP for AMD chips.

The fastest chipset for P3 is... BX. The bad news is that if
you run BX at 133MHz, the AGP will run at 89MHz - it is only
supposed to go at 66, but most graphics cards can cope. If
you run you BX at 150MHz, many AGP cards will not work, and
the PCI bus is now going at 37.5MHz, this will probably confuse
you SCSI controller. BX does not support AGPx4, but that would
only matter if there was a DDR-SDRAM chipset to compete against.
BTW ignore the old BX's, the will not be able to handle the
low voltages required by new CPU's

Available at enormous expense and with horrible RDRAM, you could
get something with the i840 chipset. Buy a pair of Via Appollos
instead, it will be cheaper and each is almost as fast as an

The Apollo Pro 133A chipset is let down by its long latencies,
but shows the best price/performance for SMP apart from BX.

Try to get CL2 DIMMS, not CL3. Celerons do well until you start
using lots of cacheable memory (compiling, not video compression)
My own choice would be get something cheap, and wait for the
compition to get their act together.


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