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Chris Snyder csnyder at mvpsoft.com
Sun Jan 14 09:27:27 PST 2001

Jack Detrick wrote:

> I did not say in my message that ALL distros are total crap--I
> very pointedly asserted that redhat 7.0 was.  Such a buggy distro
> actually gives Linux a bad name--it's the windows of the distro world,
> sacrificing stability and security for bleeding-edge software and pretty
> interfaces.

Nope, that's not Windows.  Windows sacrifices stability and security, so 
that they can try to catch up with Linux<g>.

> The statement "after taking your bruises with a distro that at least
> isn't _total_ crap" was made in the benefit of slackware and to the
> insult of rh7.0.  It was exaggeration to make a point, and I never came
> out saying that all the distros--each and every one, specifically--were
> total crap.  Also, I'm not too fond of the idea of proofreading each of
> my messages to make sure they're all PC and don't offend this or that
> person.  I'm not exactly filling my messages with "411 d1s+r0s sux0rz,
> LFS is l33+er +h4n j00!!!"
> zach_hartley at ci866887-a.nash1.tn.home.com wrote:
>> Seeing this type of message on the LFS list almost everyday,
>> I have come to the following conclusions:
>> People who use LFS are control-freaks with /alot/ of time
>> to putz around with stuff that nobody else gives a crap about.
>> Please do not take this as an insult because I am one of these
>> control-freaks who spends (and is as we speak) way to much
>> time doing this. While many people say that they're sick of how
>> RedHat, Mandrake, et al. set up things improperly and are "total
>> crap", I think many of them do not realize how truly useful and
>> well designed most distributions are. Also, I think many people
>> who  are of do not take the time to learn things, or adjust and
>> simply lash out against things that don't work. Anyway, now that
>> I'm done rambling, I'll get back to wasting my time compiling
>> glibc-2.2 ^_^
>> Zach

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