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On Sunday 14 January 2001 17:02, Steve Hayashi wrote:
> My only guess towards it is that installation requires constant monitoring
> and it's entirely too easy to f*** it up (for every perfect installation
> I've had of LFS, I've easily had 20 that didn't make it)

Sure, an automated installation IS required for corporate acceptance of LFS. 
That's one of the goals of ALFS: make LFS useable by enterprises.

As for the other point, well, I just have to say that you maybe haven't built 
enough LFS systems. Many of us have come to a point where we can build an 
entire LFS sytem plus the required daemons and stuff for a specific purpose 
in less than a day's work. For these people, building an LFS system isn't 
daunting at all, it's as easy as "./configure && make && make intall". The 
point is that LFS isn't "too easy to f*** [...] up", it's just that you have 
to spend some time learning how to do it correctly. And once it is installed, 
it is MUCH harder to f*** up a distro system than an LFS system. Remember all 
the troubles you had with the numerous incompatible configuration tools that 
all ship with the same distro.

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