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On Sunday 14 January 2001 18:14, Steve Hayashi wrote:
> Actually, I'm not.  I only started writing scripts to do it for me a
> couple days ago.  The reason for the slow change was that if I had a
> script to do my compiling for me, and there was a compile error, I'd never
> know that I would have one until it was too late (that happened to me with
> glibc.  I didn't realize there was an error until I tried dynamically
> compiling bash).

There are easy ways to do this in bash.

> I suppose getting a copy of the basic startup scripts would be pretty
> handy.
The link may not be accurate, but the ftp site is.

> My latest problem with sysklogd, I have no idea where it came from.  I'm
> doing a full reinstall now and see if it goes away (I've been using Win98
> WAY too much, I know).

That's one of the most common cause for problems with lfs: the user is 
accustomed to windows 98, and is searching for "configuration utilities". 
Also, the dreaded "i'll reinstall, it'll probably go away" syndrome is caused 
by too much windows usage.

> But still, it can take upwards of 2-3 hours to do a normal install of LFS,
> and that's not counting the initial distro installation.  That's probably
> why it's not a feasible enterprise OS.

Wanna see for yourself? Hit I built a useable ALFS 
system in 1:15. Not useable for enterprises you say? Imagine pressing the 
enter key, and then all the hundreds of workstations of the enterprise start 
compiling at the same time. Would it create heat? Could you take bets for the 
race? It is definitely enterprise-friendly.

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