Java 1.3

Filippo Erik Negroni filippo.negroni at
Sun Jan 14 15:42:27 PST 2001

I reply to myself... :-)

Sun is making the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition source code available to the 
developer community as part of Sun's Community Source License Program. This 
release is intended to further propel innovation of the Java platform and 
provide developers with easier access to the Java platform sources while 
still maintaining compatibility. With the source code, software developers 
are able to:
·       fix platform bugs or performance bottlenecks that are impeding the 
development or deployment of an application
·       implement new APIs which need access to platform internals

At 23:18 14/01/2001, you wrote:
>Has anyone there tried Java SDK 1.3 yet on kernel 2.4.0 and glibc 2.2.1?
>I have also installed the old precompiled from my 
>Mandrake 7.2 and all the X11 libraries + LessTiff...
>Java does not work anymore.
>javac compiles correctly (that's the one that needed the libstdc++ library)
>but java (requires X11) does not do anything, just hangs.
>I know that the sdk has been compiled by blackdows with different kernel, 
>libraries etc... but I was wondering if anybody had it working again somehow.
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