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On Sun, Jan 14, 2001 at 09:39:52PM -0600, Andy Goth wrote:
> Which one?  Sample IPC wrappers can be found in the IPC HOWTO.  The fb dialog I haven't seen yet, but surely it can be made flexible enough to also support text and X.  Or, just run X's framebuffer server.

We aren't talking about the same IPC here, check out, questions are answered there about

Why bother running FB then use X, i don't see the point in doing that...
adding twice as much memory for nothing.. :)

Qt Embedded, all it needs is a Framebuffer (default VESA will work
fine), it's low in requirements, fast, very nice and spiffy. just check out the QPE or Qt Embedded links.

> > But you don't need a wrapper for Perl, as it's (problably) going to
> > be Jabber XML and there's allready a module in CPAN for it :)
> Ah, yes, the all-encompassing CPAN.  So is that what Perl has going for it?

We haven't talked much about what we are going to use, but Jabber XML
seems like a good idea, but that doesn't mean we are going to use it :)

> Want gnothify, my email notifier?  It illustrates forking, lockfiles, and a billion other things no respectable biff should have.  Heh.

Nah, that's allright ;)

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