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Jan Stifter j.stifter at
Mon Jan 15 00:25:38 PST 2001

[strange error message in /var/log/messages]

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001 03:03:01 -0500, Jesse Tie Ten Quee
<highos at> wrote:

>Jan 13 02:28:02 (none) sshd[200]: syslogin_perform_logout: logout()
>returned an error

>> anyone knows, what to configure to get rid of this message? is that a
>> message of sshd, of syslogd, of login, or of ???

>it's sshd letting you know that the user didn't properly logout (aka
>they killed the terminal/window)

look at this session:
jackychan:/etc/init.d # ssh localhost
root at localhost's password:
Last login: Mon Jan 15 11:22:50 2001 from localhost
jackychan:~ # exit
Connection to localhost closed.
jackychan:/etc/init.d # tail -n 1 /var/log/messages
Jan 15 11:26:28 jackychan sshd[816]: syslogin_perform_logout: logout()
returned an error
jackychan:/etc/init.d #

so after a clean exit, i still get this message.

"It took the computing power of three C-64s to fly to the Moon.
 It takes a Pentium to run Windows 95. Something is wrong here."
	-- Anonymous

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